May I introduce myself?

Hello, my name is Clemencia Corbalán Jiménez, and I would like to tell you why I have decided to offer this translation service.

I have a great interest in languages, and I have become aware that this interest has led me to develop my ability and skill to work both as a translator and as a proofreader. I enjoy reading novels and poetry, among other literature, in Spanish, English and French. I also like to write poetry, and some of my work has been included in published collections of literature. 

My first language is Spanish, and I am proficient in English and French. I am a perfectionist in my work. I quickly identify errors, and I enjoy correcting them. I am able to understand the underlying meaning of the text and therefore I am aware of what the author wishes to say. I am determined that my translation will reflect that. 

I have broadened my education by taking some courses such as that offered by UNED in Audiovisual Translation, dubbing, subtitling and communicating with sight and hearing impaired people, and also by other courses in Translation and adaptation for dubbing, voice-over, lip-sync, and dubbing of songs, to name a few.

In 2014 I “enrolled” in the translation and revision of MOOC subtitles taught by Coursera, one of the most important virtual education platforms, which teaches courses at the university level in English, Spanish, French, Italian and Chinese.

Thanks to these years of collaboration with Coursera I have “let loose” in this magical but complex world and I have shaken the natural fear we all have of embarking on new or unknown tasks or projects. The experience of working for Coursera has undoubtedly been my great launch on this exciting flight.

And already immersed, more and more thoroughly, in the absorbing world of translation, I enrolled, in October 2017, in the course «Audiovisual Translation, dubbing, subtitling and accessibility in the media», of Permanent Formation of the UNED. And I tell you that, literally, “I fell in love” with audiovisual translation, so, since then, I have not stopped training in this field.

I have also tried the translation of OE (“Old English”) into modern English, which I found very interesting.

To all these experiences I have to add the correction of texts, a work that I love.